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Data Loss Prevention

Businesses must improve consistently and constantly to stay ahead of the competition and today’s world, information forms part of your organisation’s core assets.

The sudden awakening to the value of information makes it a prime target for theft: How do you ensure your information stays within your organization? Is it only seen and handled by the right people? Is it securely transmitted to the intended recipients in a timely and efficient manner? Is it possible to protect information stored in your databases, file systems and datacenters? Can you efficiently track data and know who has access to what and who has accessed what, when and how?

These are a few questions that can help you quickly determine how prepared and protected you are from potential data loss.

Working with the best in the industry, we can offer you efficient solutions that prevent and detect data loss, manage your data effectively and securely. The protection we offer goes beyond your enterprise data systems and includes mobile workers using mobile phones, tablets, laptops and portable removable disks.

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