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Risk and Compliance

Working with our clients, we provide solutions to manage enterprise risk, maximise security compliance while minimizing risk, automating compliance and optimizing security.

Our careful analysis of our client’s security posture enables us position solutions that ensures our clients improve on operational efficiency, compliance management while mitigating enterprise risk. Simultaneously analysing network/endpoint activity makes it simple to identify gaps in security compliance and identify vulnerabilities, allowing you to quickly and efficiently safeguard your crucial assets by streamlining your security investments to areas that provide the most value.

With the unending needs of IT, our integrated approach enables us provide you products and services suited to your needs while validating better security standards and controls visible in reviews and audits.

Solutions cover, Application Control, File Integrity Monitoring, Database Activity Monitoring, Policy Audits, Vulnerability Management for enterprise systems and databases, Change reconciliation, Configuration Control and Integrity Monitoring.

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