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Productivity Solutions

Productivity is key to your organization’s success.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP solutions are designed specifically to manage Finance, Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Procurement, Order and Billing Management, Shipping, Financial Planning, Human Capital Management, Revenue Management.

Working with your team, we can identify your organisation’s needs and provide the best solutions to address these specific needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
An effective and properly executed CRM solution provides organisations with a seamless flow of information across the entire lifecycle of a client; from initial engagements to opportunities, sales, renewals, and support.

Sales Force Automation and Customer Service Management are all embedded to provide efficient communication thereby, providing an overall great customer experience, improved sales, and better forecasting across your organisation.

Enterprise Collaboration
Virtually every organisation today needs a platform to enable its employees securely store, share and manage all company files while at the same time securing confidential business information and simplifying paper-based office processes.

Specific solutions include; Secure File Sharing, Online Collaboration, File Synchronization, Policy and Workflow Management, Professional Services and Support.

Access your data securely from anywhere, at any time and from any internet enabled device. Let Project Managers, Sales Executives and members of staff access information on the go, make quick decisions and be more productive on the move.

Already existing business applications can be enhanced working together with your team by extending their capabilities to include secure file sharing and collaboration.

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