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Our Referral Policy


As a business, we understand that we need people to work with us to grow. We also know that everyone who is a part of our success deserves to be rewarded.

Our dealings and interactions with everyone has at its core, INTEGRITY. Hence, we have clearly written out this policy (Referral) to list conditions and payouts following successful deal closures and payments.


These are the defined parties in every transaction:

The ‘Client’ is the entity to whom the service or service(s) are offered to.

The ‘Business’ is simply PiBC (PayInBits Convenience).

The ‘Referrer’ is the entity, could be a person, group of persons, or company who referred the ‘Client’ to PiBC (PayInBits Convenience).

Eligibility for Payouts

Referrals are open to all legal entities, person, group of persons, or company.

All staff of referred ‘Client’ businesses are not eligible for payouts.  This is to guard against conflict of interest and to safeguard our integrity as a business.

Covered Solutions

PayInBits Convenience offers a broad range of services and products. Referrals cover on all these solutions. Referral fees are paid on all services offered but excludes value of sold third party products. Regardless, all services offered due to the sales of third party products are included within this policy.


Payment(s) to Referrer are processed and made at a predetermined date on PayInBits Convenience’s receipt of full payment for services offered to the ‘Client’.

Referrer is required to sign and return (either physical or electronically) an acknowledgement slip on payouts, stating clearly the amount and name of the referred ‘Client’.


PayInBits Convenience (PiBC) reserves the rights to with-hold payment(s) or out rightly cancel payment(s) to ‘Referrer’ if it deems fit to do so; if it determines that there was an illegal dealing involved or if there is a conflict of interest between the parties.

We take integrity very seriously at PiBC and will not circumvent it for any reason whatsoever.


This policy is subject to review as required over time. And all reviews will be updated here.


February 08, 2017 Ver 1.1

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